Liiiindsay (iamlindsay) wrote,

Rest in Peace, Mr. Vonnegut.

I am extremely excited to volunteer working for the Obama campaign. Once next semester starts, I am actively going to pursue volunteer work within NU Democrats. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than help work on a campaign for a presidential candidate that I truly believe in. I'm pumped. (I'm also pumped to go see him speak next Friday!!!)

Today in class, my professor asked us for some of the most important history events that have happened since 9/11. The first girl raised her hand, and in sincerity answered "The death of Anna Nicole Smith?" I wanted to die. Other than the Iraq War, most people could not name one other significant event.

I hate people. How can you be so ignorant and unaware of the world around you? Does no one care anymore? The world is in a state of crisis, yet no one lets it affect them. We're in college now- isn't this an institution for higher learning? Learning does not specifically pertain to what's on your physics test or what your english paper is on. Aren't people interested in learning about the world around them? Aren't people interested in the world's problems? Aren't people interested in what they can do to help?

It's a shame. Colleges in general are packed with smart, bright, even brilliant students- yet few of them vote. I don't get it! Voting is free, easy, quick...and learning about the candidates does not take incredibly long. It doesn't even have to require actively pursuing the entire election race. There's no excuse for American citizens to not vote, regardless of your age. I sincerely don't comprehend it.

Please, lets take some initiative?
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