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I really thought that John McCain cared about this country. I really believed that, aside from all of our disagreements, no one could doubt his sincere love for this country.

How naive of me.

Yesterday, he chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate.

Yes, the Sarah Palin who has been governor of Alaska for exactly 20 months. Yes, the Sarah Palin who aside from her brief stint as governor, has only held one other leadership position- as the mayor of a town of roughly 8,000 people. Yes, the Sarah Palin who admittedly hasn't followed the Iraq War or any situation abroad. ("I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq.") And has no established or recorded views of ANYTHING foreign policy-wise. And figures we will never be able to leave "that place". The Sarah Palin who not only wishes to completely overturn Roe v Wade, but outlaw CONTRACEPTIVES as well. And who vetoed clean coal and wind energy bills. Who supports drilling in Alaska (her husband is an oilman) and says NO to alternatives. Who is a creationist and urges children to be homeschooled to avoid "irreligious" teachings. And let's not forget, she doesn't believe that polar bears qualify as endangered species. And is under investigation for firing her sister's ex-husband after their divorce. And majored in journalism- and has no higher degree than a BA. The same Sarah Palin who, just a few weeks ago, was confused by her place on the short list and admitted that she didn't know what exactly a vice president does.

But, not only that.

Mr. McCain chose this woman after meeting her a total of, oh- ONCE. One introduction at a conference, and then a telephone call. What does this say about his judgement? Does he even CARE?

The choice of Sarah Palin was a clear and desperate attempt to try and appeal to disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters. John McCain is abusing the women's movement and shamefully pandering to those he thinks he can manipulate. It was not informed, it was not thought out, but instead it was dangerously irresponsible. Even I give Hillary Clinton supporters more credit than to fall for this.

John McCain, you are 72 years old. You have battled cancer. You have an anger problem. You, frankly, are old. And you can not be certain that you will be not only alive, but able to think rationally, for the next four years. No one can be. SO if something happens to you, sir, you think Mrs. PALIN would be able to get the job done? You think SHE is prepared and qualified? How has SHE been proven? YOU ARE ENDANGERING US. If, god forbid, you are elected, your reckless and irrational decision could be the one to end all.

How, exactly, does selecting Sarah Palin put "Country First," which is coincidentally the slogan you are running your campaign on? If you believe Barack Obama is inexperienced and unqualified, how exactly can you explain Palin? Next to her, Obama looks like a seasoned veteran!!!!

And you think Barack Obama is a selfish and "celebrity" candidate?

Barack Obama could have chosen Hillary Clinton or another woman, simply because they are women, and more or less locked up the nomination. But, instead, he strengthened what he is bringing to the White House by selecting former-Obama-critic Joe Biden. Now, people will not hear the name "Joe Biden" and think "WOW, LET ME RUN TO THE POLLS AND VOTE FOR OBAMA NOW!" But it was a careful decision that thought beyond the election, and a decision that is meant to go beyond his first day in office.

After John McCain has now demonstrated his judgement on the war, judgement on the economy, and judgement for vice president...........You can not seriously make the claim that his judgement is better than Barack Obama's.

Now, more than ever: Barack Obama, 2008.
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