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  2009.08.10  05.35

I can't say for certain that there are many things better than a Yankee four game sweep of the Red Sox.

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  2008.11.05  23.45

The events that transpired last night and throughout the past two years have been extremely breathtaking.

A black man named Barack Hussein Obama was just elected President of the United States by a relatively large margin. Despite how hard the Republican party tried to paint him as a dangerous outsider, the American people saw through it. We were bombarded with rumors that Obama was a terrorist (false), or a Muslim (false, though it shouldn't matter), or a radical (false), or a socialist (false). They received automated phone calls claiming that he had been endorsed by Fidel Castro (false) and that he supports sex education for kindergarteners (false). We were told that he wanted to kill unlimited numbers of our unborn babies, that he was an out-of-touch elitist, that he pals around with terrorists. All of which are absurdly false. And none of them stuck. That, to me, is the most inspiring aspect of this victory. I would love to now believe that fear mongering and scare tactics will no longer have a place in modern American politics. It's unlikely, but I can hope.

His victory renewed my faith in the American people. We as a country have traveled an extraordinarily long way, and it is incredibly heartwarming. No matter which candidate you support, it is very hard to deny this fact.

I actually expect fairly little from a President Obama. He is entering office during an exceptionally difficult era, and will have little chance to follow through on much of his agenda. Here are my priorities:
1) Re-establish our standing abroad. This has been so horrifically ignored by the Bush administration, and I believe this is what Barack Obama has the best shot of accomplishing. As of last night, the world is in love with America. It will undoubtedly fade, but it is an encouraging sign for the post-Bush years.
2) Banish the use of torture from every agency and organization within the United States and those dealing with the United States. This includes the termination of Guantanamo Bay. Not only is torture a travesty from a human rights stand-point, it is also extremely ineffective as a means of obtaining intelligence. We have the capacity to outsmart these villains, and that is how interrogation should be conducted.
3) Show the correct judgment for the situations at hand. Aside from his overplayed associations (which mean absolutely nothing to me), his instincts in terms of war, economics, and domestic issues has been close to stellar. He proved this even further with the choice of Joe Biden as his running mate.
4) Energy independence...once that is achieved, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. And it is within our grasp.

Realistically, Barack Obama can do very little about the economy. The economy is cyclical and will bounce back. As much as it sucks now, there is very little that can be done to fix it entirely. His middle-class tax cuts are a decent idea, but unfortunately will only serve as a band-aid placed over an amputation.

In terms of John McCain, it broke my heart a little to watch him give his concession speech. He has obviously sacrificed a lot for this country, and to see him last night made me unusually sad. His campaign got away from him. It was condescending, hateful, reckless, and unforgivably misguided. Deep down, I know that is not the real McCain. Unfortunately, if he can't control his own campaign, there is very little hope that he would be able to control an entire presidential administration. His pick of Sarah Palin was the nail in the coffin. After that, for me at least, there was no turning back. John McCain had abandoned himself, and in return, forfeited his chances of becoming president. The fact that he could have run a respectable campaign but didn't really got to me. I hope that he will return to the McCain we once knew, because the Senate and our country deserve it.

My only wish is to see Sarah Palin disappear completely from the national stage. Upon joining the campaign, she thought Africa was a country, she did not know which states belonged to NAFTA, she claimed she had foreign policy experience because Alaska looks on to a remote, desolate part of Russia, and lied consistently whenever she felt it behooved her (among dozens of other outrages). She has no place in American government, and should find a new career where her lying and hate-mongering would be more suitable.

I have followed this election religiously for 2 years. 1/40th of my life! You have read or either skipped through my countless rants, opinions, and worries. It has been long, grueling, and quite unusual. But, right now, in this moment, I could not be happier. I can wake up and appreciate this country, and no longer be ashamed of its behavior for the past 8 years. Being ashamed does not make me anti-American- it makes me extremely patriotic. I hold America to the highest of standards, and for once in my adult life, I hope to see it reach them.

Thank you Barack Obama.
I love this country and have never been prouder.

Know Hope.

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  2008.10.22  19.12

Well, I can't hold back any longer. Time to drain my political brain into another post. Maybe it will make me feel better.

Of all the Republicans to win the nomination, I was thrilled that it went to McCain. I was happy with Barack Obama, but I knew that if he lost, McCain would not be a horrible alternative. Jesus Christ, I was wrong.

I once viewed John McCain as a good man. Now I hold him in contempt. I once thought him to be honorable and decent. Now I place him in the same ranks as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and the like. There is no excuse, none whatsoever, for how he has conducted his campaign.

Sarah Palin is the biggest farce in modern American history. It is literally unheard of. Why is she being hidden? Why can't she suffer through a simple press conference? If she can't be asked simple, impromptu questions by reporters, how on earth is she expected to be 2nd in command? Or GOD FORBID, president?? Can someone PLEASE explain this to me? Can someone please tell me how asking what newspapers she reads is "gotcha" journalism? REGARDLESS. How can she say, straight-faced into the camera, that she was happy the Troopergate report uncovered no unethical practices, when it STATED THE EXACT OPPOSITE? How can she lie about everything from her political record, her child, her expertise, and the war (the list is much longer)? How can you be a serious national candidate while living in your own reality? Palin makes Bush look tame. She makes him look like Mother Teresa. In all sincerity, though, despite how mortified I am of her...I am even more disappointed in John McCain. But I've discussed this before.

Aside from picking a joke for vice president, John McCain has presided over an absolutely despicable and dishonorable campaign. I know that in McCain's heart, he does not believe that Barack Obama is a terrorist. He knows that Obama and Bill Ayers have no meaningful connection whatsoever. He even admitted that he "does not care about an old washed up terrorist" during the last debate. So why are you perpetuating that story in your deplorable robocalls? If YOU don't care, why should I? Or any of us? I also assume that he does not honestly believe Obama is a socialist. Spreading the wealth? That's what you're concerned about? So does that mean, McCain, that you are going to cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, small business loans, and that big healthy bailout package you voted for? Does that mean you will reverse every single tax in the entire nation? No, because no politician will or can do that. That doesn't make you a socialist, and neither does it make Obama one. But why fear monger people who don't know any better? Why fear monger people who DO know better?? WHY FEAR MONGER AT ALL? Why can't you run on ISSUES. We are in a dire, dire situation right now. I don't CARE about a man Barack Obama served on school board with!

Not to mention his supporters. When comments such as "Kill him!" and "Terrorist!" are shouted during your rally, and you say nothing, you are equally as guilty. When a women addresses you, and accuses Obama of being an Arab....and the best you can come up with is "No ma'am, he's a decent man"....you are guilty. (Just wondering...why can an Arab also be a decent man?) I cannot say it ANY better than Colin Powell did this weekend. (I'm paraphrasing here...)"The correct answer is no, Obama is not a Muslim. He is a practicing Christian and has been his entire life. However, the RIGHT answer is...why does it matter? Why are Arab-Americans and Muslims any less American than anyone else?" The fear in this country needs to end, and it needs to heal. By knowingly and willingly fueling this fire, you are guilty. Obama is already in enough danger being an African American presidential candidate. Please don't incite people any more than you already have.

Another point. So...southern Virginia is "Real America," but northern Virginia is not. Western Pennsylvania is real America, and "the most patriotic and God-loving" area in the country? How do you decide where to draw the line? Where does that leave the rest of us? Since Boston is a city in one of the most liberal states in the union, are we suddenly anti-American? The US Constitution and the concept of many of our civil liberties was literally BORN IN MASSACHUSETTS. Is that meaningless...just because we aren't voting for you? How dare you try and divide the country like this. How dare you try and presume how I feel about this country based on my geographic location.

John McCain, you have tarnished your reputation beyond repair. For a man so obsessed with honor, I cannot help but wonder what your definition of "honor" really is. Is honor tearing down your opponent with false accusations, racially charged slurs, and striking fear into the hearts of millions? Does honor mean picking an unqualified and unvetted governor from Alaska that is, quite literally, a pathological liar than can't answer a single fucking question? Is it honorable to label section of the country patriotic and the other anti-American? Where exactly is your honor? Where is your integrity? Where is the old John McCain? Or was there ever an old John McCain?

I liked you, sir. I liked you until I got to know you.

There are so many things I didn't even choose to mention that deserve attention. I'll just name them. McCain's frightening anger problem. Palin spending a quarter-million dollars on her new wardrobe (way to go, hockey mom!). The absurdity of Joe (Sam) the Plumber (the guy who does plumbing sometimes but doesn't actually have a license and the business he is buying isn't actually worth $250,000 afterall). Michelle Bachmann. Robocalls. The hypocrisy of McCain's "Country First" slogan. Sarah Palin thinking the Vice President's job is to "be in charge" of the Senate. The Obama-as-a-celebrity attack. Picking Sarah Palin to begin with (it deserves to be said again)! The Bridge to Nowhere. Regarding the health of a pregnant mother as a joke.

I literally could go on for hours.

This election is important.
Please get your absentee ballot or cast your vote in person.

Today's world will affect our generation the most, and it will burden us for years to come.
So regardless of your vote, just get out there and do it.

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  2008.08.30  11.12

I really thought that John McCain cared about this country. I really believed that, aside from all of our disagreements, no one could doubt his sincere love for this country.

How naive of me.

Yesterday, he chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate.

Yes, the Sarah Palin who has been governor of Alaska for exactly 20 months. Yes, the Sarah Palin who aside from her brief stint as governor, has only held one other leadership position- as the mayor of a town of roughly 8,000 people. Yes, the Sarah Palin who admittedly hasn't followed the Iraq War or any situation abroad. ("I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq.") And has no established or recorded views of ANYTHING foreign policy-wise. And figures we will never be able to leave "that place". The Sarah Palin who not only wishes to completely overturn Roe v Wade, but outlaw CONTRACEPTIVES as well. And who vetoed clean coal and wind energy bills. Who supports drilling in Alaska (her husband is an oilman) and says NO to alternatives. Who is a creationist and urges children to be homeschooled to avoid "irreligious" teachings. And let's not forget, she doesn't believe that polar bears qualify as endangered species. And is under investigation for firing her sister's ex-husband after their divorce. And majored in journalism- and has no higher degree than a BA. The same Sarah Palin who, just a few weeks ago, was confused by her place on the short list and admitted that she didn't know what exactly a vice president does.

But, not only that.

Mr. McCain chose this woman after meeting her a total of, oh- ONCE. One introduction at a conference, and then a telephone call. What does this say about his judgement? Does he even CARE?

The choice of Sarah Palin was a clear and desperate attempt to try and appeal to disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters. John McCain is abusing the women's movement and shamefully pandering to those he thinks he can manipulate. It was not informed, it was not thought out, but instead it was dangerously irresponsible. Even I give Hillary Clinton supporters more credit than to fall for this.

John McCain, you are 72 years old. You have battled cancer. You have an anger problem. You, frankly, are old. And you can not be certain that you will be not only alive, but able to think rationally, for the next four years. No one can be. SO if something happens to you, sir, you think Mrs. PALIN would be able to get the job done? You think SHE is prepared and qualified? How has SHE been proven? YOU ARE ENDANGERING US. If, god forbid, you are elected, your reckless and irrational decision could be the one to end all.

How, exactly, does selecting Sarah Palin put "Country First," which is coincidentally the slogan you are running your campaign on? If you believe Barack Obama is inexperienced and unqualified, how exactly can you explain Palin? Next to her, Obama looks like a seasoned veteran!!!!

And you think Barack Obama is a selfish and "celebrity" candidate?

Barack Obama could have chosen Hillary Clinton or another woman, simply because they are women, and more or less locked up the nomination. But, instead, he strengthened what he is bringing to the White House by selecting former-Obama-critic Joe Biden. Now, people will not hear the name "Joe Biden" and think "WOW, LET ME RUN TO THE POLLS AND VOTE FOR OBAMA NOW!" But it was a careful decision that thought beyond the election, and a decision that is meant to go beyond his first day in office.

After John McCain has now demonstrated his judgement on the war, judgement on the economy, and judgement for vice president...........You can not seriously make the claim that his judgement is better than Barack Obama's.

Now, more than ever: Barack Obama, 2008.

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  2008.03.22  11.54
It's Raining McCain

dear LORD.

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  2007.10.25  10.50
I feel as though you should take the time to read this.

It creeps me out that my computer might be flagged for the content of my searches. I'm really interested in Iran, and I just recently bought this book called "We are Iran." Basically, the author incorporates a collection of Iranian blogs into her discussion about current conditions in the country. Blogs are extremely important in Iran, considering all other forms of communication and speech are limited by the government. Due to all of the rhetoric used by the Bush Administration, a perception is created making Iran seem like some religiously radical country with every intention of bringing down the West. This is absolutely not so. True, Ahmadinejad might be a little crazy. True, the ayatollahs have strict control on virtually every facet of life. But countries are not black boxes. What about its inhabitants? They are the ones we should be looking at.

Seventy percent of the population in Iran is under 30. The Islamic Revolution occured in 1979. Consequently, the vast majority of people in Iran were not even alive to witness this revolution. As children of the revolution, these people want change. A man speaks in his blog concerning what he has learned thoughout the twelve years of his mandatory formal religious education. He sums it up in four ways: 1) Talking about religion for over 20 years highlights its faults. 2) Religious education is the best way to create agnostics. 3) "Even those most addicted to religion will at some stage overdose." 4) The problem lies within the individul radicals, not Islam itself. It is incredible to read these first-hand, unfiltered thoughts from those directly experiencing the regime. These people are not the barbaric religiously-crazed monsters the Administration makes them out to be. These people are not who we should be attacking. The Islamic Revolution of 79 occured because of British/US imperialist relations with Iran in the previous decades....haven't we learned yet?? LOOK. AT. HISTORY.

One other quote particularly stood out to me:
"Has everyone noticed the spooky absence of graffiti in our public toilets since the arrival of weblogs? Remember the toilets at the university we used to call our 'Freedom Columns'?"

Here, we use bathroom stall walls to write "BRITNEY IS A SLUT!" or "Call 234-566-6789" for a good time!" In Iran, it was their only way of free communication. It's incredible to me.

I can sit here and complain about not having a boyfriend or spending too much time in the library or having to write too many papers. But how absolutely lucky am I to be granted this experience? To be given this superb education? How can any of us be unhappy or ungrateful for what we have?

But, most importantly: All of this bullshit talk about "World War Three" regarding Iran is mind-blowing. These people want change. But THEY need to initiate it. We cannot go in there and give it to them- then we prove ourselves to be the imperialist nation once again. These people WANT change, but if the US goes in there toppling the regime, it will NOT create good-feelings. Look at previous relations with Iran. Iran LIKED us back in the forties and fifties, until we staged a coup against their leader in 1953, hoping to replace it with a much more Western-friendly leader. Wouldn't this be the SAME situation?

Also, this "threat" of nuclear bombs is absurd, Iran will not get a bomb. They will not attack us. The Bush Administration needs to seriously calm their rhetoric down. They are not only frightening the Iranians, but the people here in the States as well.

When do I get to be president?

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  2007.04.11  18.13
Rest in Peace, Mr. Vonnegut.

I am extremely excited to volunteer working for the Obama campaign. Once next semester starts, I am actively going to pursue volunteer work within NU Democrats. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than help work on a campaign for a presidential candidate that I truly believe in. I'm pumped. (I'm also pumped to go see him speak next Friday!!!)

Today in class, my professor asked us for some of the most important history events that have happened since 9/11. The first girl raised her hand, and in sincerity answered "The death of Anna Nicole Smith?" I wanted to die. Other than the Iraq War, most people could not name one other significant event.

I hate people. How can you be so ignorant and unaware of the world around you? Does no one care anymore? The world is in a state of crisis, yet no one lets it affect them. We're in college now- isn't this an institution for higher learning? Learning does not specifically pertain to what's on your physics test or what your english paper is on. Aren't people interested in learning about the world around them? Aren't people interested in the world's problems? Aren't people interested in what they can do to help?

It's a shame. Colleges in general are packed with smart, bright, even brilliant students- yet few of them vote. I don't get it! Voting is free, easy, quick...and learning about the candidates does not take incredibly long. It doesn't even have to require actively pursuing the entire election race. There's no excuse for American citizens to not vote, regardless of your age. I sincerely don't comprehend it.

Please, lets take some initiative?

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  2006.12.18  02.59

being home is nice
but being home for 3 weeks
most likely won't be

just waiting for people to come back
kristine called...?
and holly got a job at friendly's?!

spent all weekend in new york
had our "christmas" with the baers
not the schwartzs, obviously

so much dysfunction between us
it's ridiculous.
we've got the family drunk, family conspiracy theorist, family freak, family suicidal, the oblivious one, the clueless one, the gun freak, the family pill popper, the one who thinks she is back in the renaissace, the drug addict, the recovering drug addict, the silent and shifty-eyed one, the potential child rapist, the clepto, the perhaps schizo, and my favorite, the 48 year old hopeless online dater.
how many of those will i become?
drank with my cousin katie,
watched everyone around us get hammered
played with my baby cousin.
he lights up my face
wanted to beat my cousin max over the head

i have pink eye
and a "conjuctive hemmorhage", or something
which basically means a blod clot in my eye
it has been dubbed "Alfonso"
it's a piece of art.
i've also been extremely sick since i left boston
plus i get to go for bloodwork this week, mmm

saw matisyahu in nyc tonight!
went with parents, aubrey/allison/melissa/jim
what a miserable child, that girl is
i can't stand it and it's hard to be around.
but he was terrific.

my parents' marriage is starting to concern me.
it has for a while but things have escalted.

hopefully some people are up for smoking over break because i haven't in a while and i think it would be nice. who misses all the times at tiega's? mememe.

i'm rubbing my eye and pressure is going through my nose?!
i'm a meeeeeeeeeess!

but i'm happy and no matter how miserable or dysfunctional everyone around me is, they can't change it. right?

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  2006.05.07  12.08

"Hey Lindsay, you know what I just learned? That earphones are made for left and right ears! The left one is supposed to go in the left ear, and the right one is supposed to go in the right one!"

"...Oh really Dave? Really? Good job!!!! Good job!"

"You have them in the wrong ears."

Radiohead tickets sold out in twelve seconds. Literally.
Why are they playing in a 4,000 seat or less theater?
I am still trying to cope.

Mood: aggravated
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  2005.12.27  21.14

I, Lindsay Summer Baer, am accepted into college.

My first college class will either be:

A) September 6th at Northeastern University in Boston
B) August 28th at Univeristy of New Hampshire in Durham


So after the gym, Aubrey and I went to Wasabi for some Japanese food. My parents showed up, carrying a gift bag. My mom started telling me how she met someone this morning who she hasn't seen in years, and that they had bought me a present. So, she handed the bag to me. As I pulled out the large, thick, white envelope, I noticed the Northeastern emblem on the upper left hand corner. As I looked closer, a large "CONGRATULATIONS" was stamped onto the center. Alongside it was New Hampshire acceptance letter too.

After all that stress, convincing myself that there was no chance that I'd get in.....I'm in. I am going to college.

But, not only that, I got a brand new Canon Powershoot digital camera for Chanukkah tonight :) Can things get any better?


Mood: ecstatic
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  2004.12.24  02.33



You all better comment cause this took me a good hour and a halffff.

Mood: accomplished
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  2004.07.13  17.45

After some unfortunate events, I've been forced to make a new journal.
Friends Only.
Leave a comment.
I'll add you.

Mood: happy
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