Liiiindsay (iamlindsay) wrote,

being home is nice
but being home for 3 weeks
most likely won't be

just waiting for people to come back
kristine called...?
and holly got a job at friendly's?!

spent all weekend in new york
had our "christmas" with the baers
not the schwartzs, obviously

so much dysfunction between us
it's ridiculous.
we've got the family drunk, family conspiracy theorist, family freak, family suicidal, the oblivious one, the clueless one, the gun freak, the family pill popper, the one who thinks she is back in the renaissace, the drug addict, the recovering drug addict, the silent and shifty-eyed one, the potential child rapist, the clepto, the perhaps schizo, and my favorite, the 48 year old hopeless online dater.
how many of those will i become?
drank with my cousin katie,
watched everyone around us get hammered
played with my baby cousin.
he lights up my face
wanted to beat my cousin max over the head

i have pink eye
and a "conjuctive hemmorhage", or something
which basically means a blod clot in my eye
it has been dubbed "Alfonso"
it's a piece of art.
i've also been extremely sick since i left boston
plus i get to go for bloodwork this week, mmm

saw matisyahu in nyc tonight!
went with parents, aubrey/allison/melissa/jim
what a miserable child, that girl is
i can't stand it and it's hard to be around.
but he was terrific.

my parents' marriage is starting to concern me.
it has for a while but things have escalted.

hopefully some people are up for smoking over break because i haven't in a while and i think it would be nice. who misses all the times at tiega's? mememe.

i'm rubbing my eye and pressure is going through my nose?!
i'm a meeeeeeeeeess!

but i'm happy and no matter how miserable or dysfunctional everyone around me is, they can't change it. right?
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